The stamps sold have scanned images showing their current state.

**- clean stamps with glue
*- clean stamps with adhesive or with adhesive residue
(*)- clean stamps without glue
O – stamped stamps

The payment must be received to the bank account before the stamps can be mailed. The stamps will be mailed within
3 business days after receiving the payment (unless I’m on vacation or on a business trip. In that case,
I’ll put that information on my homepage).

If stamps are selected in the shopping cart they are not automatically booked. Until you have completed your purchase,
someone else can buy the same stamps and when they complete their purchase first, they will receive the stamps.
The goods must be paid within 7 days at the latest. If no payment is received, the order will be canceled and the
goods will go back for sale.

Some stamps, plus stamps costing less than € 6.40, are available in page:[seller]=isetegn

If you are ordering from multiple locations, please let us know by phone or e-mail and in that case we will
ship the items in one shipment.

* If the order of the stamps exceeds 100 €, we will send the goods by parcel machine l without any
shipping fees (in our own expense and only in Estonia).

As I am neither a God nor an certified expert, I cannot give a guarantee to the stamps. As a result,
I do not withdraw or replace my stamps.

We have used the following catalogs to calculate the prices of the stamps: catalogs “Eesti postmargid ja tervikasjad kataloog”
, Estonia PHILATELY & POSTAL HISTORY HANDBOOK, CATALOG “Michel”, “Potstovie marki Rossiiskaja Imperija”,
RSFSR, SSSR 1857-1965 “, and Stanley Gibbons” and market price, depending on the state of the stamps.


Once the goods have been selected from the shop, the customer must choose a suitable transport:
By ordinary letter we send out the stamps at the buyer’s sole responsibility and do not accept
any subsequent claims.

Price 1,50 € only to Estonia
By registered letter 6 € only to Estonia
Payment by Smartpost and Omniva parcel terminal upon arrival (approx. 3€) only to Estonia
Pick-up from Herne 10 Elberd Shop – Free of charge
Price by registered letter 6,60 € other European countries
Price by registered letter 6,60 € countries other than Europe

If the order does not fit in a simple letter (for example, collections in an album)
then we send by mail or courier (price depends on country and weight, the payment must be received before shipment).
We will send a separate invoice for the transportation.

The program calculates the price and shipping fee of the stamps and sends the order confirmation to the buyer:

Please transfer the sum of …€
Payment receiver Indrek Liigvald
Bank LHV
Account: EE477700771000807134



Herne 10-8
Tallinn 10135
Indrek Liigvald
+372 56 230 980